Hilltoppers Family Square Dance Club - Saturday Classes



We are adding luncheon speakers to our venue. Their presentations are about 15 - 20 minutes but most Speakers will be available after class adjournment at 2 PM if you have additional questions. This week's speakers are from IORA, a medical group for Senior Citizens.

IORA has free classes and activities specially designed for seniors. Presently several Hilltoppers members are enjoying walking around Johnston Reservoir near Southwest Plaza with the IORA walking club. IORA sponsors many activities for seniors throughout the Denver area.

Future Lunch Time Presentations:

My Therapy Dog visits the sick

Selected Square Dance Health Studies

What to do before I arrive [an EMT Presentation]

I was a participant in an 8 Year Diabetes Reduction Study

Learn to dance the 66 calls (really 68) of Mainstream Dancing. Learning these calls not only allows the New Dancer to dance through out the United States but anywhere in the world. Square Dance calls are always in English.

Learn new things, improve your health, and make new friends!