Hilltoppers Family Square Dance Club - Saturday Angel Workshop

Listen to the Angels
Saturday Workshop is Born - Nov 25:

After announcing our Saturday students are transferring to Tuesday evening class, several Angels asked if the Club would be willing to set up a Dance Workshop for Angels.

After discussion, the Angels decided to contribute $5 per session and bring things for a Pot Luck Lunch. So a Workshop was born.

The Workshop is for any Dancer from any Club, who has completed Mainstream Lessons, and desires to improve their dancing skills and engage in a Fun lunch get together with other dancers.

(1st and 3rd Saturdays)
(We have two Angel Squares but would like to grow)

Lunch Time:

We probably will continue luncheon presentations about once a month. Presentations will be about 15 - 20 minutes. Most Speakers will be available after class for additional questions after 2 PM adjournment.

Possible Presentations:

My Therapy Dog visits the sick

Selected Square Dance Health Studies

What to do before I arrive [an EMT Presentation]

I was a participant in an 8 Year Diabetes Reduction Study

Additional Colorado Stories from the Past

Continue the fun while improving your dancing. Come to the new Workshops.
Your wish is our command.

Learn new things, improve your health, and make new friends!