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There are Many Hilltoppers Clubs out There!

Doppelganger per Websters a doppelganger is "an apparitional double or counterpart of  a living person"

Now if you are like me and think of our Club as a living person, then the Hilltoppers Square Dance Club of Iserlon, Germany is our Doppelganger. In fact I find there are several Hilltoppers Doppelgangers out there.

1) Hilltoppers Square Dance Club of Iserlon, Germany


2) The Roan Mountain Hilltoppers of Saxapahaw, NC
3) Hilltoppers Square Dance Club of Greater St Louis
4) Parishville Hilltoppers in upstate New York

I suspect they're are many more Hilltoppers Square Dance Clubs out there. My Challenge, 'How many Hilltoppers Square Dance Clubs can you find.'


Each year I have tried to include an out-of-country, fun, Square Dance Convention.We have yet to personally take one of our out-of-country suggestions but we have gone to dances in England and New Zealand. We had a ball both at both locations and highly recommend a 'foreign experience'. 

Square Dancers are just plain friendly all over the world!

Have a good time Dancing!

Jan and Lowell

Birthdays and Anniversaries

We have several special Birthdays and Anniversaries this month.
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