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Square Dancing Health Benefits

A few years ago we realized there were several articles written by Medical Professionals related to the Physical and Mental Benefits of Square Dancing.

Unfortunately most of the articles were several years old but they were written by members of the Mayo Clinic and similar organizations so they were very still significant.

Now we are starting to see an increased interest in Health Square Dancing by both the Health Community and Dance Participants.

For Example:

  • Students at MIT now get College Phy Ed Credit for Square Dancing.
  • Locally IORA Primary Care is sending out flyers with the caption, “What kind of doctor’s office gives you a Chance to Dance”?
  • A “Denver Post” article present the results of a “National Institute of Health” funded CSU study, stated, “Dancing with a little do si do may help fend off aging in the brain.”

    The results of the CSU study are very interesting. The study, used academically recognized statistical techniques, and compared 11 Different Physical Activities:

    • Tennis;
    • Golf;
    • Swimming;
    • Bicycling;
    • Dancing;
    • Participating in group exercise;
    • Bowling;
    • Walking for exercise;
    • Climbing more than two flights of stairs;
    • Doing Housework and;
    • Babysitting.

Dancing was the only physical activity associated with a lower risk of dementia.

If your doctor has advised you to start an aerobic exercise program, Square Dancing can be a fun part of it.  Square Dancing enhances blood flow and gets your heart and lungs working.  Just be sure to get your doctor's permission if you have a medical condition.